Herein are recorded tomes of lore written by the folk of Britannia.

These books are archived here at the request of their authors, and are copyrighted to them. Please respect their rights.

Also note that books can be submitted for review for permanent display at the Britain Library. Please contact for details.

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Batlin, by Hathan
The Blackrock Gem, by Seer Valan

The book at the bottom, by Unknown

Cantra's Journal, by Cantra
Civil Right, by Cane Halcorr, Druid of Yew

Combat Magic Vol. 1: Offence, by Rivan

Combat Magic Vol. 2: Defensive Magic, by Rivan

Combat Magic Vol. 3: Polymorphing, by Rivan

Combat Magic Vol. 4: Summoning, by Rivan

Cordain's Thaw: Third Circle, by Lord Cordain

Covetous Formulae (revised), by Voidrunner

Crafting Grimoires, by Lord Cordain

A Cup of Milk, by Jazar

Curses and the Virtues, by Donovan

The Ethics of Magic: A Discussion, by Echoazar of Moonglow

The Ethics of Virtue Manifesto: The New Order, by Moriens Garthon

Exodus, by Brother Tarlin

Fish. Fishing Pole. Fishing Hook. Food, by Iocus Optoinfigo

Gemstones, by EWL

Healing Ingrates, by Nozumas

Heavens above Sosaria, by Richard Ghlade

Jasmine, by Sir Aliai Daggerhold

A Legacy, by Hector Bladesong

On The Making of Wands, by Leon Hart

On The Making of Wands, Volume 2, by Leon Hart

Mining and Thee, by Rik Haren of Minoc

Natural Justice, by Farehar, Druid of the Wild

On the Nature of Spells, by Voidrunner

Ophidian Magic, by Aryceillan

Proverbs of the Dark Fae, by Sol Silverglade

Raven Hall, 1st Ed, by Utarn Marskimmer
The Resistance: Fact or Fiction?, by Chargaff the Seer
Sorcery: Principles, by Aryceillan

Sosarian Sorcery, by Lord Cordain

Survivalism, by Bryxis of Skara Brae

Tale of the Black Dragon, by Lord Cordain

Thaumaturgy: Principles, by Aryceillan
Thee Arte of the Longsword, by Paulus Kal of Jhelom
Ultrastructures, by Aryceillan

Undead Bestiary, by Bodine

Virtues, by Lord British
Sir Aliai Daggerhold: Jasmine
Aryceillan: Ophidian Magic
Aryceillan: Sorcery: Principles
Aryceillan: Thaumaturgy: Principles
Aryceillan: Ultrastructures
Bodine: Undead Bestiary
Lord British: Virtues
Bryxis of Skara Brae: Survivalism
Cane Halcorr, Druid of Yew: Civil Right
Cantra: Cantra's Journal
Chargaff the Seer: The Resistance: Fact or Fiction?
Lord Cordain: Cordain's Thaw: Third Circle
Lord Cordain: Crafting Grimoires
Lord Cordain: Sosarian Sorcery
Lord Cordain: Tale of the Black Dragon
Donovan: Curses and the Virtues
Echoazar of Moonglow: The Ethics of Magic: A Discussion
EWL: Gemstones
Farehar, Druid of the Wild: Natural Justice
Hathan: Batlin
Hector Bladesong: A Legacy
Iocus Optoinfigo: Fish. Fishing Pole. Fishing Hook. Food
Jazar: A Cup of Milk
Leon Hart: On The Making of Wands
Leon Hart: On The Making of Wands, Volume 2
Moriens Garthon: The Ethics of Virtue Manifesto: The New Order
Nozumas: Healing Ingrates
Paulus Kal of Jhelom: Thee Arte of the Longsword
Richard Ghlade: Heavens above Sosaria
Rik Haren of Minoc: Mining and Thee
Rivan: Combat Magic Vol. 1: Offence

Rivan: Combat Magic Vol. 2: Defensive Magic

Rivan: Combat Magic Vol. 3: Polymorphing

Rivan: Combat Magic Vol. 4: Summoning

Sol Silverglade: Proverbs of the Dark Fae
Brother Tarlin: Exodus
Unknown: The book at the bottom
Utarn Marskimmer: Raven Hall, 1st Ed
Seer Valan: The Blackrock Gem
Voidrunner: Covetous Formulae (revised)
Voidrunner: On the Nature of Spells


Secret Volumes:

The tomes recorded here are not publicly available. If you have not encountered a copy of one of these in Ultima Legacy, you cannot know the information within while in character.

Books by Title   Books by Author

Mondain's Log, by Mondain

  Mondain: Mondain's Log

- Houston Dragon