Ultima Legacy Reborn Staff

Houston Dragon (Sir Aliai): Administrator, Ultima Historian (Server Host, Webmaster)

Former Staff

Darkheart Dragon: Creator, Administrator
Ultima Dragons Ultima Online (UDUO)

Cymro Dragon: Game Master, Administrator
Kevson: Administrator, Developer, Scripter
Hawke (Warder): Administrator, Game Master
James: Game Master, Seer
Winter (Shadow of Light): Game Master, Seer
Candyman: Game Master, Seer
Altus (Sol): Game Master, Seer
Fargrima (Moriens): Game Master, Seer
Korlan: Seer
Rayne: Seer

Notable Contributions

FireEye Dragon: Website and Forum Archivist

Paulon Dragon: Webmaster, Site Content
Ralph Damiani: Web Design, Artwork

Daniel Simmons (GigatonneCowboy): Player Rep
John Machin (Trithemius): Player Rep
Silver Wisp Dragon: Player Rep

All thanks goes to the Ultima Legacy players for keeping the Dragon community growing each day.

Credits also go to the fondly remembered Origin Systems and Lord British (Richard Garriott) to which Ultima Legacy Reborn is dedicated to the original Ultima worlds they created.

- Houston Dragon