(These are the conditions and restrictions on player housing. They are subject to change by the Staff at any time.)

Player guilds are recommended and welcomed. Any player wishing to submit a guild proposal can email to Houston Dragon to be reviewed for approval. A respective Guildhall building in one of the major Cities can be made available, or special housing will be available upon request and approval.

Player Houses
Players are allowed to claim one (1) static house per account free of charge. Secondary and additional houses can be purchased or rented based on the listed price. Decoration controls and lockdowns are set per property, but any special decorations can be requested and reviewed by Staff for approval.
(I have updated the cities and wilderness with available housing location. If you have a specific request, please message me for review)

The housing system uses the standard UO housing commands. A handy guide can be found here: UO Housing Commands

Multiple characters
One free house per account; additional housing is available for purchase or rent, but we also can offer some alternatives for storage:

Inn Storage
A room will cost 30k, and are not refundable, and includes 1 lockable container and named signage. (IC, you will rent the room.)

These can be purchased for 25k, and are not refundable. You will receive:
-A static permanent campfire.
-Logs around the campfire for seating.
-A lockable, locked down secure backpack.
-A docorative bedroll.
The campsite must be built in overland forest/jungle/tree wilderness areas only. You must not be able to see a town on an expanded overhead radar map at the spot where you want the campfire.

- Houston Dragon