by Sir Aliai Daggerhold, Defender of the Order of the Silver Serpent.

[Sir Aliai Daggerhold is Houston Dragon of the UDIC. These Reports are archived here with his permission.]

Being those missives sent by Sir Aliai Daggerhold to his superiors within the Order of the Silver Serpent.

(Reports from other members of the Order are also included, with the author's permission.)

Let it be noted that reports prior to those recorded here were destroyed in the conflict with the Assassin Galist during his murder of Travers the Librarian. However Lord Jean-Paul has opened his archives for transcriptions so that this collection may be updated and completed.

The Time Before Armageddon

The Pathwarder Hall has fallen!

Problems with the recent Jolie/Silas alliance

Advice from a Maddened Monk and its Results.

A Dark Alliance is Broken, Encounters with a Liche.

An Attack on Britain and the Restoration of Sutek.

The Defeat of the Assassin Telzar.

The Vindication of Avatus Kingsman.

The Trial of Jolie Tregarde.


Of the Dark Core

*You find a scattering of papers scratched in a trembling hand*

The Realization of a Harsh Truth.

The Events leading up to the attempt to leave the Dark Core.

Of the Escape from the Dark Core.


Of the Time after Armageddon

Conditions within Britannia

Plague in Britain. Trinsic Besieged.

Getting to the bottom of a problem.

A threat ended, a new source of hope.

Hope springs anew from the ashes.

Rebuilding, Mundane and Magical.

An old enemy returns...

Hope for the return of the lost...

A long day, with strange and sad tidings.

Trinsic is freed!

Spirits laid to rest and the wouldbe criminals given cause for unease.

A blow against the Plague and new horrors from the dark...

A Mystery and a Return of One Lost.

Of Druids and a Rescue from Beyond.

News of the Lost and a new foeman.

A First Report from Sir Chlorthos.

A New Terror stalks the land.

Dread Tidings of Apparent Treason, and the Recovery of what was Lost.

Terrors from out of Dreams...

Of Treasures and Curses


Of The Land of Sosaria

A New Land or an Old One Remade?

Another Victory in the Past

Evil Enchantments Undone

A Report from Mythrantar, Squire of the Order of the Silver Serpent

Of the Ondarivas Invasion.

Of the Time Lord and the Perils of Allowing Valk Swadgen free speech.

Of the Ascension of one Lord and the Death of a Regent.

Of the Recovery of Stolen Property and the Final Time Gem.

Of the Gem of Immortality and the Assassins.


Of the Undead Future

In which an ancient figure calls for aid and a plan is found for victory.

Of Further Confirmation of the Plan, and a Kidnapping.

A meeting with the Foe and the beginnings of a way home.

Of rescues and victories and teamwork.

Of the Deaths of several Marshals.

Of a traitor revealed.

Of a failed trap and an ally reunited with those of Haven.

Of the End of Haven, the Destruction of Vrinbar, and the Escape to the Past.


Of What Came Next

The Events of the Past and Future.

New threats and sad events.

Of a Setback to the Circle

The Circle is gone, but the Price was too High.

Of Events both Happy and Foreboding.

Of the Renewed Threat of Silas.

Horror upon horror.

Of threats on the horizon and daemons on the doorstep.

Of Dragons and Destard.

The Release of Portiff

Undead and Undine

A creator of creatures...

Jolie Arrested Once More

The Death of an Ancient

The Death of Jolie Tregarde

Death of Innocence


Of Civil War and Invasions from Beyond

Minoc's Independance Declared

Traitors and Shapeshifters

Ill news of a Fell Alliance

After a Week in Trinsic

Advice and Alliances

A Victory at last

Report of the Day : OotSS, as told by one Treia Reise, Sq.

Report of the Day : OotSS, as told by one Treia Reise, Sq.

The Grey Hunter Attacks.

Report of the Day : OotSS, as told by one Treia Reise, Sq.

The Guardian Speaks, Strange Allies and Fearsome Foes.

Of the Destruction of Paws

A hastilly scrawled report, sealed with a snowflake, handed to the guards at the Council doors.


Of The Aftermath of the Atarkan War and the times of Rebuilding

The Council Returns

Vistaer's Tournament And What Followed

Discussions of Magincian Independence.

The Final Defeat of the Atarkan Forces.

Of a Theft in Magincia.

Of a Self Confessed Murderer's Arrest

Of Charges and Disappearances

The Trial of Sita

A Warning of Quicksilver

Of Dragons and Destard

Of the Grey Hunter and a Dragon

Of Ganthis and Spells and Saplings

Of Cats and Criminals

Of Rifts and Atarkans

Mysteries of the Undead

The Restoration of Darkmoor

Of Orcs and Other Worlds

Of Blood Magi, Ethereal Rifts, and the Time Lord

Moire Tregarde/Rivan

Disciplinary Report, sent to Sir Aliai and Sir Renton

Disciplinary Report, sent to Sir Renton and Lord John Paul, from Sir Parnel, Royal Guard

Alex Reeves

*Copies of a report are sent to Aryceillan's Scriptorium, the abode of Dravyn Darkmoor, the owners of the Cellar Door and the Order of the Silver Serpent*

A Report on the Defense of Cove

Burning Terror Strikes Britain

Re: Rivan and Ketorna

- Houston Dragon