Welcome Back, Avatar. Journey Onward...

UPDATE: The server location has moved! Please update your Login IP to; port 2593

After many years, Ultima Legacy Reborn has returned! The History and Timeline have been updated for the current events and post-Ultima 9 story setting.

Those wishing to join, please review the Rules to Join prior to signing up on the server, and be respectful to your fellow Dragons.

Please contact Houston Dragon to sign up and request a new account. May you walk in Virtue in these lands! :)

- Houston Dragon

Toss a Coin to your Iolo, Oh Britannia of Plenty :P

In order to help gather and give the tools to our players, I have created the New Horizons Tavern forums for both general Dragon discussion and for the official Ultima Legacy roleplaying.

You can also join the Ultima Legacy Discord as well. Please be advised, the same rules for the Ultima Legacy forum and Discord are the same as for the server, be respectful to your fellow Dragons. :D

The new Player Housing system and rules have been updated, along with the Downloads and Links section. Here is also a handy UO Player Guide for new players.

- Houston Dragon

Moving Forward!

As stated previously, I do not intend to have GMs again for the foreseeable future. We had too much drama and issues in the past years, so I want players to be able to role play and submit their own stories, so then I can start rolling out some new Ultima lore quests this year.

Also, since we did not retain the original characters, housing, or items from the Sphere 51a server, I would definitely like to work with players towards inhabiting and decorating the various empty buildings around Britannia.

The primary world decoration, animal and dungeon spawns, and town vendors have been generated. But I intend to have the same Ultima flourishes and themes to be added to all the major Virtue cities and dungeons. If someone has suggestions, please send to Houston Dragon. I'd recommend folks use the UO Landscaper tools to build and export your own scripts to be imported into Ultima Legacy.

- Houston Dragon

Creativity Welcomed!

As we have transitions from Sphere 51a, the original Ultima Legacy game files and maps were not converted.

This is a fresh RunUO installation, so while the world has been populated and spawned, there is a lot of Ultima themed touches that will still need to be done.

Anyone interested in offering their worldbuilding, artwork, or scripting experience are welcome to contact me.

I look forward to seeing and assisting with everyone's creative ideas :D

- Houston Dragon